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A journey to produce social impact while developing skills for non-hierarchical leadership and innovation.


In the Think Tank Projeto Resgate program, teams of Problem Solvers (high school and college students) learn how to use cutting-edge approaches and methodologies to solve societal problems.


In the process, they have the support of Project Mentors (leaders on the rise in companies that have innovation as part of their DNA). These professionals cooperate with Master Mentors, experienced leaders whose trajectories identify them as references in the marketplace and in society.


It is an experience that brings together people from different generations and various socio-economic classes in a coordinated effort to generate shared values. 


In addition to developing soft skills, the ability to innovate, and non-hierarchical leadership competencies, participants of the Think Tank Projeto Resgate Program learn more about themselves, the people they work with, and society.

IN 2023:

Each edition of the Think Tank Projeto Resgate takes place under an important theme for society, an Engaging Cause. The one chosen for 2023 is “Onward the Next Level.” We want to connect young people from low-income families to vocational education opportunities. 

​The teams will seek solutions to:

  • Attract young people to vocational education;

  • Prevent dropping out;

  • Connect students to job opportunities;

  • Help students foster a balanced life: success in professional and personal life.

Master Mentors 

Masters Mentors (MM) are strategic level leaders whose trajectories identify them as references in the marketplace and society. They participate at specific times to help teams make critical decisions and assessments for the journey.

Our partners

These companies are partners in this effort to develop leadership and make a difference in society. We are proud to have them on board for the 2022 Journey. 

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